Pay attention to your business strategy and the culture of your organization. All too often, the best-laid plans can be inadequate for their practical environments, and culture ends up eating strategy for breakfast.

When decision-makers of a company, for example, try to integrate the dynamic team of an acquired company into their own staid troupe, the innovative nature of the newcomers usually becomes crippled and dies off.

As a manager implementing new strategies in your organization, you would do well to consider the following approach, in order to overcome cultural impediments within the organization:

— Survey the terrain
— Anticipate resistance, and identify those individuals and practices likely to pose the greatest challenge to new strategies
— Develop qualitative and quantitative metrics for measuring results
— Designate key personnel to lead the implementation of the new strategies
— Articulate your strategies and goals well enough to secure the buy-in of your team
— Get to work
— Evaluate feedback
— Deal swiftly with deficiencies
— Be adaptable, and make changes where necessary
— Stay on course, commit to best practices, and strive through your actions to succeed each day

(Photo taken from the AxSA video presentation to Startup Grind Johannesburg; April, 2015)