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Marketing & Corporate Communications Advisory Service Scopes

Public relations & media preparation services:

The public image of a company and that of its people play a crucial role in its success. AxSA works closely with the leaders of client companies to build positive impressions for the general marketplace. The consultancy does this by coordinating media training, speechwriting, and conference preparations for the leaders.


Crisis communications:

No organization is immune from tragedy and uncertainty. How leaders handle these events typically presage how quickly and effectively they can steer their enterprise back to normalcy. AxSA assists clients by assuming the necessary role of generating, disseminating, and managing public information flows, thereby giving the organization’s decision-makers ample time and space to focus squarely on the challenges at hand.

Internal relations & employment communications:

Even within a team, communications is vital. What’s more, gathering and interpreting feedback from team members can be a valuable process in determining the effectiveness of the message from the organization and its leadership. AxSA diligently with its clients to scrpit the right internal communications, as well as to write many formal company documents, and it also conducts workplace survey initiatives to gauge the sentiment of team members.

Investor relations:

From press releases to standard reports to custom memoranda, AxSA helps managers prepare and disseminate the right information to the equity holders of its client companies.


Proprietary research & advisory services:

A thorough understanding of issues enables decision-makers to think and act appropriately. AxSA helps clients gain that requisite level of clarity, by providing research and analysis in areas like public policy and macroeconomics.

Services to the NFP Sector:

There is perhaps no greater cause than to act selflessly in the service of others, and the not-for-profit community is a tremendous avenue to do just that. In order to help these organizations, AxSA calls upon the myriad facets of its for-profit business services and develops scopes that help these entities also attain their own goals:

  • Business & operational planning
  • Budgeting advisory services
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Program development & qualitative metrics development
  • Interim management placement
  • Grant-writing
  • Fundraising assistance