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Deal structuring:

Often enough, ideas and even the best advice are not enough to move some enterprises forward. It takes capital, even from unconventional sources, to get it done. What’s more, in order to attract that capital, structuring the right deal is always critical. Understanding this, AxSA prepares its clients to shop the market for the capital needed to fund their enterprises. The consultancy takes the lead by performing all necessary do due diligence and crafting attractive deal structures, while also coordinating the development of all of the deal documentation, including the business plans and private placement memoranda.


Deal placements and negotiations:

AxSA believes that there is an art to every deal, and it has made a practice of successfully initiating and closing them for its clients. The scope of the consultancy’s deal-intermediation services encompass the full range of the process, from structuring deals for its clients to leading the placement of those deals.  Whether seeking early venture financing or a necessary recapitalization, as the placement agent for its clients, AxSA identifies the appropriate counter-parties for its deal (be they financial or strategic partners, additional sourcing agents, or acquirers), structures beneficial terms through rigorous and thorough negotiations, and coordinates the successful closure of the deals.


Merger, acquisition & buyout advisory services:

The M&A arena can be a murky place to navigate for those unfamiliar with the intricacies of these transactions. Fortunately, for its clients, AxSA delivers valuable buy-side and sell-side advisory support. Through fairness opinions or more involved deal-advisory services, the consultancy is able to provide important analytical due diligence and pre-transactional consulting to help guide decision-makers in their deals. And upon completion, the consultancy is able to assist managers in the post-transactional integration of the acquired enterprises.