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Operational analysis & management audit:

Typically, an operational analysis allows AxSA to examine the workflow processes of an enterprise, while a management audit allows it to survey the distinct corporate culture of that enterprise. All of this is done in an effort to advise decision-makers on the best way to streamline for efficient operations, to mitigate internal strife, to enhance productivity, and to increase profitability.


Business modeling & start-up advisory:

Whether it is a new start-up or simply a new corporate division, AxSA has the expertise to help decision-makers transform ideas into viable realities. From facilitating early-stage due diligence and market research to formulating viable operating models and budgets, AxSA provides an array of services that help entrepreneurial ventures become profitable.


Comprehensive business plans & strategic plans:

For every enterprise, smart growth is the linchpin of success, and that requires concise and deliberate planning. AxSA helps its clients make considerations for the long term, by developing comprehensive business plans, strategic plans, plans for growth, and marketing plans.


Financial statements analysis & business valuation services:

AxSA provides solutions designed to help many of its clients decipher the complexities of their own financial statements, in order to gain a true understanding of the impact of their decisions on operations and the value of their enterprises. What’s more, the consultancy also works closely with its clients to devise the unique metrics necessary to gauge business performance.


Budgeting & cost controls:

Controlling expenses is a paramount responsibility in any business; however, surprisingly enough, far too many businesses operate with no predetermined budgets or cost controls. AxSA works with its clients to change that. With a mind for fiscal responsibility, the consultancy studies costs throughout an enterprise, and works with decision-makers to establish viable parameters to keep these expenses in-line. And it also helps to implement protocols for monitoring outflows of capital and prohibiting any errant spending.


Strategic marketing advisory services:

AxSA helps clients conduct market research, develop marketing plans, and coordinate corporate positioning and brand development.

Restructurings & reorganizations:

AxSA has built an exceptional track record of restoring client companies to operational and financial wellness. It applies its professional strengths, as well as uncommon expertise and resources, when crafting strategies for stabilizing and enhancing these companies and advising decision-makers through the process.



Vulnerability assessments & risk management analysis:

Decision-makers are often too focused on the tactical work ahead of them to give ample consideration to all of the risks they face. That poses a problem that could devastate a business. For its own part, AxSA provides vulnerability assessments and risk-management analysis, both, to help these busy decision-makers identify many of these threats and to create strategies for reducing their potential impact. From competitive to environmental risks and from internal to supply-chain threats, AxSA has the ability to help businesses foresee the unexpected and plot a path to continuity.



Developing and managing a sourcing relationship can be complicated and exhausting. Indeed, there are a number of issues to consider—from quality control to intellectual-property rights protection and from cultural barriers to extraneous risks impacting the supply chain. AxSA is cognizant of all these challenges, and it works closely with its clients to identify the right partners and to establish “win-win” supply-chain relationships that derive long-term benefits.